~ Iridia's OS X AppleScripts ~  

(OS 8 and 9 AppleScripts are also available)

You can open any of these OS X applications with Script Editor before running them to see exactly what they are supposed to do. Script Editor comes with your system software and it allows you to automate tasks on your computer using AppleScript.

iCal Date - 52 KB

This simple Macintosh OS X AppleScript application opens iCal then quits it so that the iCal application will display the current date on its dock icon. Set this application as a Login/Startup Item and iCal will always show the current date. To set as a Login Item:
In OS 10.2.x, go to System Preferences -> Login Items
In OS 10.3.x, go to System Preferences -> Accounts -> Startup Items
and then select iCal Date.

GC Slide Show - 54 KB

Drag and drop selected image files or an image folder onto this Macintosh OS X AppleScript application to launch a GraphicConverter slide show. This application requires the GraphicConverter application be installed. Disable the "Show splash-screen at launch" preferences option in the registered version of GraphicConverter for the quickest slide show display. I keep this application in the dock, and I drag and drop images and/or an image folder on its dock icon to quickly launch slide shows. The "esc" key will end the slide show and mouse clicks will advance to the next image.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER. Use these AppleScript applications at your own risk. I can't guarantee that they will work perfectly with every Mac system or version of AppleScript and I am not liable for any damage that might be caused by them.

Site for more info on AppleScript:

Apple's AppleScript web site: AppleScript