~ Iridia's Backgrounds ~

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To download just a particular picture, just click and hold on it (Macintosh) or right click on it (Windows), and then choose the "Download image to disk" (Internet Explorer) or "Save this Image as..." (Netscape) option in the window that pops up. If you are using AOL's browser, you must deselect "Use compressed images" in AOL's web preferences for best image quality and the ability to open these images in other applications besides AOL. These seamless tiling backgrounds are 100% free.

Background Samples:

  Assorted Backgrounds 1

  Assorted Backgrounds 2

  Dark Backgrounds

  Leaf Backgrounds

  Metal Backgrounds

  Paper Backgrounds 1

  Paper Backgrounds 2

  Paper Backgrounds 3


  Stone Backgrounds 1

  Stone Backgrounds 2



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