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Marble/Jewel/Silver Icon Collection - 241 K

These icons are not Mac OS 8.5's 32 bit icons so they will work just fine with system 7 as well as OS 8 and 9. These icons only work with Macintosh computers, not Windows ones.

Marble icons

These are a collection of 51 small, spherical glass marbles in a rainbow of colors. The marble icons are of one fixed size (small) and look great when used as icons for:

* Any "View as List" item windows in OS 8+.
* Light or medium colored desktops or windows.
* Mac OS 8.5's (or greater) desktop pop-up folders. Here's an example of what they look like:

Pop-up Folder example

AppleMenu/DarkDesktop Icons

These are 51 marble icons that don't have light colored blending/softening pixels around them so they look great (no halos) when selected in the Apple Menu or displayed on a dark desktop. On light or medium colored backgrounds they look jagged, so use the regular marble icons for these cases.

Jewel icons

These are 13 small, diamond shaped star sapphires in a rainbow of colors. These are of one fixed size (small) and they also can be used for 8.5's pop-up folders, view as list, or Apple menu icons.

Jeweled Silver icons

These are 64 jeweled silver folders. Each of the marble or jewel icons has a matching jeweled silver folder icon. The jeweled silver folders were created with Folder Icon Maker 1.5.1 (a very useful icon utility.)