The Ice Labyrinth

~ Welcome to the Ice Labyrinth ~

Enter the labyrinth and traverse its frozen hallways in search of the golden arch.


The Ice Labyrinth is an unique online web maze featuring rendered 3D graphics and was created using css and javascript. It started as an experiment in learning css (it has the most div tags of any web page I've EVER seen!)

To explore the labyrinth, your monitor resolution must be at least 600 x 800 and you must have a modern web browser (one that supports css) with javascript enabled (it's on by default in all browsers). Netscape version 4.x and iCab will not display the labyrinth page properly. The labyrinth page (yes, it's all on one page) is about 1.1 MB in size.

The labyrinth page is something of a browser stress test; fast, standards compliant browsers (like Apple's Safari) will do perfectly well. The labyrinth page is valid HTML 4.01 Transitional and so theoretically should work fine with modern browsers, but there are always exceptions... sigh. Mozilla and Netscape may not display all the maze transition frames if you click too quickly, making the challenge of the labyrinth all the more difficult. Internet Explorer 6 for Windows will stop responding to clicks on the labyrinth navigation buttons if you click rapidly on the buttons several times, so... please... click... slower. You can reload the page if it does this.

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